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Christian Kaufmann (l) and Hans Kaufmann (Courtesy Whyte Museum, NA-66-186)

Kaufmann Brothers

Christian Kaufmann (1872-1939) and Hans Kaufmann (1874-1930) were members of a well established Swiss guiding family and worked as guides for the CPR. Both were highly respected and were in constant demand because of their mountaineering skills and to some extent because they both spoke excellent English. Their nephew, Peter, guided parties in 1930. Prior to coming to Canada, Christian Kaufmann guided in the Alps, his most famous client being Winston Churchill who he led up the Wetterhorn in 1894. Christian first came to the Canadian Rockies in 1901 as one of four guides contracted to Edward Whymper. Completing 36 first ascent in the Canadian Rockies, he made fifteen of those in 1901 and ten more in 1902 when he climbed with James Outram andNorman Collie. He guided Outram to the summits of Mount Columbia, Mount Bryce, and Mount Forbes. James Outram wrote that Christian Kaufmann was, "a magnificent rock-climber and it was a treat to watch the skill and science he displayed." Hans Kaufmann completed twelve first ascents in the Rockies during the years 1901 to 1904. [See Kaufmann Peaks; Mount Fay