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Photo: Lizzie Rummel (left) and two guests at Skoki Lodge (courtesy Ken Jones)

Elizabeth Rummel

(1897 – 1980) Elizabet von Rummel, the daughter of Baron von Rummel, was born into the German aristocracy in 1897. During World War I, the family’s wealth disappeared. However, Elizabet’s mother had purchased property in the ranching country southwest of Calgary and she had spent the summer of 1911 in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. When war came Lizzie found herself living on the ranch. Each summer from 1920 until 1932 summer holidays were enjoyed riding though the Kananaskis, Sheep and Highwood areas. In 1938 Lizzie rode into Erling Strom’s Mount Assiniboine Lodge to work as a chambermaid. The following spring she skied into the lodge. She became involved with the Alpine Club of Canada and began operating Skoki Lodge in 1943. By 1947 she was operating Temple Lodge and the Lake Louise Ski Lodge as well. Lizzie operated Sunburst Lodge in the Mount Assiniboine area from 1951 until 1970. She became well known for her friendliness and love of the mountains. She was awarded the Order of Canada in 1979. The citation read, “Mountaineer par excellance, protector of the environment, authority on local flora and fauna, and friend to countless hikers in the mountains near Banff. She has enriched her country by sharing her deep love of the Rocky Mountains with all who meet her.” Rummel Lake, Rummel Pass, and Rummel Creek in Kananaskis Country are named in her memory. [Additional information: “Lizzie Rummel –Baroness of the Canadian Rockies” by Ruth Oltmann]