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Photo: Mount Kerr (beyond) from the Icefields Parkway, just south of Jasper

Mount Kerr (Alberta)

  • 2560 m (8,399ft)
  • Naming History
52.9361N -118.221W
Located in the Miette River Valley, 2 km west of Cairngorm; east of Mount Henry

Range: Victoria Cross
Province: Alberta
Park: Jasper
Headwater: Athabasca
Major Valley: Miette
Visible from Highway: 16, 93N
Year Named: 1951
Named for: Kerr, John Chipman VC (John Kerr was a Canadian soldier who awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions during WW I)

Mount Kerr was named to honour Private John Chipman Kerr VC, who was awarded the Victoria Cross while serving with the 49th Battalion. John Kerr was born in Fox River, Nova Scotia. In 1912, after working as a lumberjack near Kootenay, B.C. he homesteaded in Spirit River, Alberta, where he and his brother farmed until war broke out. Immediately they set out for Edmonton, leaving only a single note tacked to the door of their humble shed. It read: "War is Hell, but what is homesteading?" -Wikipedia Near the town of Courcelette during the Battle of the Somme in 1916, Private Kerr, "ran along the parados under heavy fire until he was in close contact with the enemy when he opened fire at point-blank range, inflicting heavy losses. The enemy, thinking that they were surrounded, surrendered -62 prisoners were taken and 250 yards of enemy trench captured. Earlier, Private Kerr''''s fingers had been blown off but he did not have his wound dressed until he and two other men had escorted the prisoners back under fire and reported for duty." John Kerr survived the war and passed away in 1963 at Port Moody, B.C. Please note that there is another Mount Kerr in the Canadian Rockies in Yoho National Park.

Photo: Mount Kerr (in the distance at left) and Cairngorm from the Icefields Parkway, just south of Jasper