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Pipestone Mountain

  • 2971 m (9,750ft)
  • Hiking and Trails
51.5619N -116.039W
Located at the head of the Red Deer River and the head of Little Pipestone Creek

Province: Alberta
Park: Banff
Headwater: Bow
Major Valley: Red Deer
Popular Hike: Skoki

The Pipestone River and pass were named by James Hector who crossed the pass in 1859. Although the southwestern slopes of this mountain drain into Little Pipestone Creek, it is not known why this mountain came to have the name Pipestone Mountain. The mountain is named Mount Macoun on George Dawson's 1886 map. John Macoun began his career as the botanist in a Geological Survey of Canada field party in 1875. His careful work in the west influenced the route of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Macoun's duty was to study Canada's plants, but he also collected fossils and was with T.C. Weston during the dinosaur discoveries of 1884 (GSC 31874).