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Elysium Pass

  • 2010 m (6595ft)
  • Naming History
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52.9541N 118.3375W
Province: Alberta
Park: Jasper
Year Named:
Named by:
Named for: The pass takes its name from nearby Elysium Mountain. The peak overlooks fine meadows. Morris Bridgland related this to "Elysian fields," a supposed home of the blessed after death.
Mountain (NW): Elysium Mountain
Mountain (SE): Emigrants Mountain
Headwaters (NE):
Headwaters (SW): Minaga Creek


In his book, "Climbs in the Canadian Rockies," Frank Smythe wrote that, "The Elysium Pass did not belie its name when we came to it; for it was a green sward of turf and flowers with a view north along a wide valley of meadows and forest to Monarch Mountain..."

In 1936 Curly Phillips, who was very involved in the early climbing history of Mount Robson and went on to become a legendary outfitter in the Rockies, took up skiing. Two years later, while investigating the idea of building a cabin for the use of skiers, he and a companion named Reginald Pugh were tragically killed in an avalanche near Elysium Pass in the Victoria Cross Range northwest of Jasper.

[See Mount Robson; Mount Phillips]