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Frank Smythe

(1900-1949) Frank Sydney Smythe was a widely travelled mountaineer who wrote numerous books related to climbing and mountains during the 1940's. He rose to prominence in mountaineering circles following two impressive seasons in the Alps in 1927 and 1928. He then climbed extensively in the Himalaya and was invited to join the 1933 British Mount Everest Expedition during which he and two others reached at elevation of 28,200 feet on the north side of the mountain without oxygen. During WW II he served in the Canadian Rockies as a mountaineer training officer for the famous Lovat Scouts. Mount Smythe is named in his honour. His publications are listed below: Climbs and ski-runs (1929) The Kangchenjunga Adventure (1930) Kamet Conquered (1932) An Alpine Journey (1934) The Spirit of the Hills (1935) Over Tyrolese Hills (1936) Camp Six (1937) The Mountain Scene (1937) The Valley of Flowers (1938) Peaks and Valleys (1938) A Camera in the Hills (1939) Edward Whymper (1940) Mountaineering Holiday (1940) My Alpine Album (1940) The Adventures of a Mountaineer (1940) Over Welsh Hills (1941) The Mountain Vision (1941) Alpine Ways (1942) British Mountaineers (1942) Snow on the Hills (1946) Again Switzerland (1947) The Mountain Top (1947) Rocky Mountains (1948) Swiss Winter (1948) Mountains in Colour (1949) Climbs in the Canadian Rockies (1950) He also wrote a novel entitled,"Secret Mission."