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Brazeau Range

Brazeau Range (83B)

The range was named after Joseph Brazeau who worked as a postmaster for the Hundson's Bay Company from 1852 until 1864 at Rocky Mountain House, Fort Edmonton, and Jasper House. His language skills (he spoke six different native languages as well as English, French, and Spanish) were of great assistance to the Palliser Expedition in dealing with the natives. The range was likely named by James Hector of the Palliser Expedition.

Joseph Brazeau began fur trading in the 1930's along the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers before joining the Hudson's Bay Company. According to Anne (McMullen) Belliveau in "Small Moments in Time," his "attire was somewhat unusual and, according to a family description, he sported a cloak rather than a coat and wore a flat, black Spanish sombrero on his auburn hair. He could speak nine languages. Brazeau was also of considerable help to the Palliser Expedition."


Name Elevation
Mount Brazeau 3470