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Photo: Mount Abruzzi (courtesy Gillean Daffern)

Mount Abruzzi

  • 3267 m (10,719ft)
  • Naming History
50.4419N -115.119W
Located in the White River Valley west of Cordona Creek at the head of Abruzzi Creek; south buttress of the Pass in the Clouds

Province: BC
Headwater: Kootenay
Year Named: 1920
Named for: Savoia-Aosta, Luigi Amadeo di (Duke of the Abruzzi) (This gentleman was one of the most famous alpinists and arctic explorers. He was also commander in chief of the Italian Navy during WW I.)

The first recorded ascent was in 1929 by Katie Gardner and Walter Feuz.

Photo: Looking west to Mount Abruzzi from the pass above Loomis Lake (courtesy Allan Schierman)

Looking west to Mount Abruzzi from the Elk Valley Road

Looking west beyond Mount Bishop to Mount Abruzzi from Holy Cross Mountain

Looking across Cadorna Lake to Mount Abruzzi (courtesy Don Beers)