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Photo: Looking south-southeast to Mount Adam Joachim from the Icefields Parkway (courtesy Don Beers)

Mount Adam Joachim

  • 3094 m (10,150ft)
  • Naming History
52.4044N -117.528W
Located four km east/northeast of Gong Lake; part of the Mitchell Group

Range: Winston Churchill
Province: Alberta
Park: Jasper
Headwater: Athabasca
Year Named: 1968
Named by: J. Monroe Thorington
Named for: Joachim, Adam (As a packer, Adam Joachim accompanied numerous early mountaineering parties in the early 1900''s.)

Unlike the other Metis settlers who were evicted when Jasper Park was created, Adam Joachim could read, and was looked up to as a religious leader because he had begun studying to become a priest before a personal tragedy made him return home. -Don Beers Adam Joachim accompanied Alfred Ostheimer on his 1927 exploration and climbing trip into the Columbia and Clemenceau Icefield area. He was responsible for the horses. In his book, "Every Other Day" Osheimer described Adam Jaochim as follows, "In one corner of the cook tent was huddled the figure of a man whose heavy features, coarse black hair, and clayish brown face were rendered even duskier by shadows from a black, demi-sombrero. He was a man of medium height, heavy for his build, and well along in years. . .He was a French Cree, more Cree than French; for his facial characteristics, his mental weapons, his ease of carriage, and his expertness with horse and pack savoured so completely of the Indian. Indeed, he was the match for anyone, and the conqueror of all in Jasper, at loading for the trail and finishing off with pack-covering and diamond hitch. He spoke rarely, but digested and pondered all that he heard."

Photo: Looking northwest to Mount Adam Joachim from Sunwapta Peak (Mount Adam Joachim is the peak at centre, beyond the nearer ridge of Mount Weiss (courtesy Don Beers)