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Photo: Mount Castelnau from the northeast at the head of Petain Creek above Petain Falls (courtesy Rienk Lakeman)

Mount Castelnau

  • 3005 m (9,859ft)
  • First Ascent
  • Naming History
50.5278N -115.167W
Located in the Petain/Castelnau/Elk Glacier area above Petain and Nivelle Creeks

Province: BC
Headwater: Kootenay
Ascent Date: 1952
Ascent Party: Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Cunningham, J. More
Year Named: 1918
Named for: De Castelnau, Noel Marie Joseph Edouard (After commanding the 2nd French Army for most of WW I, de Castelnau became Chief of Staff to General Joffre.)

Looking southwest to Mount Nivelle (left) and Mount Castelnau from Lower Elk Lake (courtesy Gerry Hopkins)