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Photo: Looking northwest to The Warship with Mount Cadorna (left) and Mount Swiderski beyond

The Warship

  • 2758 m (9,050ft)
  • Naming History
50.4708N -115.110W
Located north of the head of Abruzzi Creek and southeast of the head of Cadorna Creek

Province: BC
Headwater: Kootenay
Year Named: 1930
Named by: Raymond M. Patterson
Named for: The mountain was thought to resemble a warship.

In his book, "The Buffalo Head," Raymond M. Patterson wrote of his trip into the valley that features this mountain, "The mists were parting and the sunrise was breaking through. The flats were still in deep shadow but the sun's rays were striking the cliffs of a low mountain that seemed to surge forward into the meadows as a ship ploughs through the waters of the sea. We came to call this low mountain The Warship; it was really an 8000' spur of Mount Abruzzi which could be seen in the background, emerging from the clouds.