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Photo: The view to the west from Deception Pass (featuring Redoubt Mountain)

Deception Pass

  • 2475 m (8120ft)
  • Naming History
  • Peaks and Rivers
51.4958N 116.0625W
Province: Alberta
Park: Banff
Year Named: 1930
Named by: Cyril Paris
Named for: Cyril Paris thought that the exact summit of the pass was deceptive.
Mountain (NW): Ptarmigan Peak
Mountain (SE): Fossil Mountain
Headwaters (NE): Skoki Creek
Headwaters (SW): Ptarmigan Lake


Deception Pass and Packer Pass both connect the Ptarmigan Lake valley with the head of the Skoki Valley. They are similar in elevation and are separated by a high point known as Packer Peak.

In 1930, Cliff Whyte, Fulton Dunsmore, Tex Woods, and Cyril Paris travelled up the Ptarmigan Valley and over Deception Pass. Paris named it during this trip, calling it the most deceptive thing I ever climbed!" ("Skoki" by Kathryn Manry)