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Misty Range

Misty Range (82J)

The Misty Range is the highest and most spectacular group of front-range mountains in the southern Rockies. Located directly west of High River, they are the highest mountains visible from the prairies at any point in the province. Mount RaeMist MountainElpoca Pass at the headwaters of the Elbow River. Storm MountainMount ArethusaGeorge Dawson in 1884 after he experienced a prolonged period of bad weather below the western slopes of the range during his survey of the area. A second good reason for the name, and one probably not known by Dr. Dawson, is that it features a sizable hot spring which during the winter sometimes causes mists to form above it. Mount Arethusa was not named until 1917 and honours HMS Arethusa, a British crusier which struck a mine and sunk on Febrary 11, 1916.