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Photo: (l-r) Bastion Peak, Turret Mountain, Mount Geikie, and Barbican Peak from Dixon's Cabins

Bastion Peak

  • 2970 m (9,744ft)
  • First Ascent
  • Naming History
  • Hiking and Trails
52.7094N -118.345W
Located on the continental divide at the head of Tonquin Creek and Moat Creek; south buttress of Moat/Tonquin Pass

Range: Ramparts, The
Province: Alberta/BC
Park: Jasper/Mount Robson
Headwater: Athabasca/Fraser
Ascent Date: 1925
Ascent Party: J.W.A. Hickson, Howard Palmer
Ascent Guide: H. Kohler
Year Named: 1916
Named by: E. Deville (Director of the Geological Survey of Canada)
Named for: This mountain has a sharp, projecting peak which resembles a bastion in a fort or castle.
Popular Hike: Tonquin Valley
Journal Reference: AJ 38-63; App 16-246