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Photo: Looking south along Monarch Ramparts to The Monarch from Healy Pass (courtesy Gerry Hopkins)

Monarch Ramparts

  • 2393 m (7,850ft)
  • Hiking and Trails
51.0892N -115.869W
Located on the continental divide at the head of Healy Creek and the head of East Verdant Creek; southern buttress of Healy Pass; eastern buttress of Redearth Pass

Province: Alberta/BC
Park: Banff/Kootenay
Headwater: Bow/Kootenay
Popular Hike: Egypt Lakes

This long cliffband begins at Eohippus Lake where it is connected to The Monarch and extends north-northwest some 3.5 kilometres until it descends to Healy Pass and Redearth Pass. The placing of the interprovincial border through the lake-filled meadows to the west-northwest of Monarch Ramparts must have challenged Richard Cautley and his fellow surveyors. The border winds its way through these meadows prior to climbing up the cliffs to a monument placed on fairly long, level part of Monarch Ramparts that must be the highest point. It then proceeds to the north-northwest end of the ridge. Monarch Mountain is located in Jasper National Park.

Photo: Looking south along Monarch Ramparts from Healy Pass; The Monarch at right; Mount Assiniboine in the distance at left (courtesy Denis Longu_p_e)

Looking south along Monarch Ramparts (courtesy Ron Hunter)

Looking northwest to The Ramparts

Looking south to Monarch Ramparts and The Monarch (at left)