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Photo: Looking south-southwest to The Monarch from near Simpson Pass (courtesy Alan Kane)

The Monarch

  • 2904 m (9,528ft)
  • First Ascent
  • Naming History
  • Hiking and Trails
51.0511N -115.848W
Located west of the head of the Simpson River, north of Verdant Creek and east of East Verdant Creek

Province: BC
Park: Assiniboine/Kootenay
Headwater: Kootenay
Ascent Date: 1913
Ascent Party: Interprovincial Boundary Commission
Year Named: 1915
Named by: Interprovincial Boundary Survey
Named for: The mountain is the dominant one in the area of Simpson Pass. It is not particularly high but is most impressive partly because it rises on all sides from fairly low elevations.
Popular Hike: Egypt Lakes

In the report of the Interprovincial Boundary Survey by Arthur Wheeler and Richard Cautley the mountain is referred to in the discussion of Simpson Pass as follows: "Southwestward the dominating feature of the pass is the fine piece of mountain architecture known as Monarch Mountain." Monarch Mountain is located in Jasper National Park. Monarch Ramparts is a long cliffband connected to "The Monarch."

Photo: Looking south along Monarch Ramparts to The Monarch from Healy Pass (courtesy Gerry Hopkins)

Looking south-southwest to The Monarch

Looking west-southwest to The Monarch from near Eohippus Lake

Looking south to The Monarch from Monarch Ramparts