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Minotaur Peak

  • 2780 m (9,121ft)
  • Naming History
52.6528N -118.383W
Located in the Fraser River Valley; 2.6 km south of Portcullis Peak; 1.4 km southeast of Jade Lake

Province: BC
Park: Mount Robson
Headwater: Fraser
Major Valley: Fraser
Year Named: 1929
Named by: Cyril Wates
Named for: A minotaur was a legendary man/bull of Greek mythology.

A minotaur was a legendary part man/part bull creature of Greek mythology. It dwelt in the Labyrinth that was designed by an architect named Daedalus. The Labyrinth was an elaborate maze-like construction built for King Minos of Crete to hold the Minotaur.