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Photo: Mount Livingstone (left) and Mount Rhodes from the Grassi Hut (courtesy Alan Kane)

Mount Livingstone (BC)

  • 3094 m (10,150ft)
  • First Ascent
  • Naming History
52.1553N -117.937W
Located west of Shackleton Glacier adjacent to Mount Stanley

Province: BC
Headwater: Columbia
Ascent Date: 1927
Ascent Party: D. Hoover, Alfred Ostheimer
Ascent Guide: Hans Fuhrer
Year Named: 1927
Named by: J. Monroe Thorington
Named for: Livingstone, David (David Livingstone was an explorer of Africa.) (see Livingstone Range)

Dr. David Livingstone was a British explorer, geographer, and missionary who for thirty-two years travelled through Africa from the Cape to the equator and from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. In doing so he laid the foundation for British title in many parts of the continent. Understandably, fellow explorers such as John Palliser and his contemporaries revered Dr. Livingstone and Palliser is said to have felt privileged to have sat beside him at a meeting of the Royal Geographic Society. There are two Mount Livingstone's in the Canadian Rockies. Clearly the most specatacular is located in the Mount Clemenceau area of British Columbia. The Alberta Mount Livingstone is located in the front ranges between the Highwood River and the Oldman River. [See Mount Stanley]