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Photo: Mount Babel in the distance, above and beyond the Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel

  • 2310 m (7,579ft)
  • Hiking and Trails
51.3253N -116.169W
Located mmediately east of lower Moraine Lake

Province: Alberta
Park: Banff
Headwater: Bow
Visible from Highway: 1
Popular Hike: Lakes Louise/Moraine/O'Hara

Mount Babel takes its name from the much lower "Tower of Babel," the top of which is over 700 metres below the summit of Mount Babel. Walter Wilcox named the Tower of Babel after it reminded him of the story in the bible in which the Tower of Babel reached to the heavens. It was a huge rockfall from the Tower of Babel which formed the dam which holds back Moraine Lake.Walter Wilcox had thought when he named the lake that the rocks were carried forward by an advance of the glacier in the valley and left as a terminal moraine.

Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel from Moraine Lake (courtesy David Wasserman)

Tower of Babel from Moraine Lake