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Photo: The Helmet from the north at Berg Lake (courtesy Dr. John D. Birrell)

The Helmet

  • 3420 m (11,221ft)
  • First Ascent
  • Naming History
  • Hiking and Trails
53.1156N -119.142W
Located 1.1 km northeast of Mount Robson summit, west of Robson Glacier

Province: BC
Park: Mount Robson
Headwater: Fraser
Ascent Date: 1928
Ascent Party: Georgia Engelhard
Ascent Guide: Hans Fuhrer
Year Named: 1908
Named by: Arthur Coleman
Named for: Coleman referred to this as, "a striking point of rocks on the north flank of Mount Robson.""
Popular Hike: Mount Robson

Arthur Wheeler described the feature when he, looked at the north-east face of the Mount Robson from the resemblance to the old Roman headpiece when seen from the valley below." With an elevation of 3420 metres, The Helmet would be a remarkable, outstanding peak were it anywhere else but directly adjacent to Mount Robson that towers 534 metres above it. Please note that there is a peak named Helmet Mountain in Kootenay National Park.

Photo: The Helmet above Berg Glacier (courtesy Robert Boyko)