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Photo: Looking west to Mount Fullerton (left) and Fisher Peak from Highway #22, two km east of the junction with #66

Mount Fullerton

  • 2728 m (8,951ft)
  • Naming History
50.8219N -114.963W
Located north of Shoulder Creek, west and south of Nihahi Creek

Range: Fisher
Province: Alberta
Park: Kananaskis
Headwater: Bow
Year Named: 1940
Named for: Fullerton, Ernest Redpath "Jake" (Jake Fullerton was a member of the Fullerton family that ranched in the Bragg Creek area.)

After helping his father homestead, Jake Fullerton set up his own ranch in the Bragg Creek area in 1914. He also opened a store and a dancehall in the small town. He also set up the Wetmore and Fullerton Blacksmith Shop on Eighth Avenue in Calgary.

Photo: Mount Fullerton (left) and Fisher Peak beyond Nihahi Ridge from Highway #66 at Camp Horizons