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Fiddle Peak

  • 2243 m (7,359ft)
  • Naming History
53.1794N -117.745W
Located at the head of Drysdale Creek, the head of Ashlar Creek, and the head of Mystery Creek

Range: Fiddle
Province: Alberta
Park: Jasper
Headwater: Athabasca
Year Named: 1858
Named by: James Hector
Named for: The mountain is part of the Fiddle Range

Pierre-Jean Pierre-Jean De Smet referred to what is now called the Fiddle River as the "Violin River" in 1846. John Palliser referred to the "Fiddle Range" in 1865. One story is that when the wind blows in a certain direction near the range, it sounds like a #4 violin string. Another is that the river was shaped like a violin at one point.