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Photo: Ken Jones ascending Robson Glacier near Extinguisher Tower (courtesy Lynette Stockner)

Extinguisher Tower

  • 2393 m (7,850ft)
  • Naming History
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53.1192N -119.095W
Located above the lower Robson Glacier.

Province: BC
Park: Mount Robson
Headwater: Fraser
Year Named: 1907
Named by: Arthur Coleman
Named for: This feature has the conical shape of a candle extinguisher.
Popular Hike: Mount Robson

Although a very prominent feature as one ascends the Robson Glacier, Extinguisher Tower is not a peak but simply the end of a sharp ridge. Five years after Arthur Coleman named the landmark, geologist Dr. Charles D. Walcott wrote that, "It so happens that that particular rock carries a very important bed of Cambro-Ordivician fossils and will be referred to many times in the future in literature. It may be that I shall suggest a shorter and more euphonious name for it." However it seems he didn't and the name Extinguisher Tower remains.