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Cloister Mountains

  • 3060 m (10,040ft)
  • Naming History
52.2311N -116.855W
Located north of the Cline River and west of McDonald Creek

Province: Alberta
Park: White Goat
Headwater: Saskatchewan
Year Named: 1892
Named by: Arthur Coleman
Named for: In "The Canadian Rockies -New and Old Trails," Coleman refers to "four fine cathedrals with splendid walls and buttresses on the south-west."

The four peaks that make up Cloister Mountains trend northwest-southeast and lie between a fairly large, un-named lake at their northwest end and the Cline River Valley that lies at their southeast end. Three short valleys cut into the group from the McDonald Creek Valley that lies to the northeast. These valleys separate the peaks that make up Cloister Mountains. The northwestern peak is the highest of the Cloister Mountains and the elevation and location information pertain to this point.