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Photo: Looking north to Bull Mountain and the south end of The Steeples

Bull Mountain

  • 2641 m (8,665ft)
49.5339N -115.411W
Located at the southern end of "The Steeples" in the Flathead River Valley north of the Bull River

Range: Hughes
Province: BC
Headwater: Kootenay
Major Valley: Kootenay
Visible from Highway: 3, 93SS

Five kilometres in length,The Steeples form the southern end of the Hughes Range that lies to the east of the Kootenay Valley from east of Columbia Lake to the Bull River that enters the Kootenay at the town of Bull River. Bull Mountain is the peak at the southern end of The Steeples.

Photo: Looking northeast to Bull Mountain (centre) from Highway #3

Looking southwest to Bull Mountain (left) (courtesy Allan Schierman)