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Photo: Mount Perren (left) and Mount Allen from Moraine Lake

Mount Perren (Ten Peaks)

  • 3051 m (10,010ft)
  • First Ascent
  • Naming History
  • Hiking and Trails
51.2961N -116.209W
Located on the continental divide in the Valley of the Ten Peaks between the Moraine Lake Valley and Tokumm Creek

Range: Ten Peaks
Province: Alberta/BC
Park: Banff/Kootenay
Headwater: Bow/Kootenay
Visible from Highway: 1
Ascent Date: 1927
Ascent Party: H.F. Ulrichs
Year Named: 1968
Named for: Perren, Walter (Walter Perren was a mountain guide and park warden.) (see biog.)
Popular Hike: Lakes Louise/Moraine/O'Hara

A distictive horizontal band of snow makes this one of the Ten Peaks easy to identify. Walter Perren came to Canada from Switzerland in 1950 and became a climbing guide for the Canadian Pacific Railway. In 1955 he joined the National Park Warden Service where he developed search and rescue methods and supervised training until his death in 1967. Peak #5 in the Valley of the Ten Peaks was renamed in his honour. There are two mountains referred to as Mount Perren. The officially named peak -enter Mount Perren (Ten Peaks), is in the Valley of the Ten Peaks. An unofficially named Mount Perren is near the Siffleur River.

Photo: (l-r) Mount Bowlen, Tonsa, and Mount Perren from Moraine Lake (courtesy Bennett Wong)

(l-r) Mount Perren, Mount Allen, Mount Tuzo, Deltafrom Mountain, and Neptuak Mountain from Moraine Lake

Looking southwest up the Moraine Creek Valley to Mount Perren (left) and Mount Allen from the Bow Valley Parkway