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Photo: Looking southeast to Mount Ptolemy and Ptolemy Pass (Interprovincial Boundary Survey Report)

Ptolemy Pass

  • 1722 m (5650ft)
  • Naming History
  • Peaks and Rivers
49.5555N 114.6833W
Province: Alberta/BC
Year Named:
Named by:
Named for: The pass derived its name from its proximity to Mount Ptolemy. The mountain resembles a man sitting with this arms folded.
Mountain (NW): Tent Mountain
Mountain (SE): Mount Ptolemy
Headwaters (NE): East Crowsnest Creek
Headwaters (SW): Andy Good Creek

Referring to Ptolemy Pass, the authors of the Interprovincial Boundary Survey Report wrote, "The name is due to the mountain which dominates the pass on the east side. Seen from the west, the summit ridge bears a very striking resemblance to a recumbent Pharaoh and it has for many years been spoken of as Mummy Mountain. The name 'Mummy' is not suitable for the pass and there are Pharaoh Peaks elsewhere, so the commissioners have suggested the name 'Mount Ptolemy' and have applied it to the pass."