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Marvel Pass

  • 2118 m (6950ft)
  • Peaks and Rivers
50.8416N 115.5791W
Province: Alberta/BC
Park: Banff
Mountain (NW): Mount Gloria
Mountain (SE): Aurora Mountain
Headwaters (NE): Marvel Creek
Headwaters (SW): Aurora Creek


Marvel Pass is unique in that it lies at the head of three valleys, rather than the usual two for most passes. The actual lowest point of this special spot is the pass between the Marvel Creek Valley and the Aurora Creek Valley. However one only needs to climb 200 vertical feet and travel 1km to the east to reach the head of the Owl Creek Valley.

NTS 82J/13 labels the highest point at the head of Owl Creek as _Marvel Pass.î However the government information shows the Lat./Long. for the pass at the high point connecting Marvel Creek and Aurora Creek.

The entire area in the vicinity at the head of these three creeks is commonly referred to as Marvel Pass.