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Photo: Ptarmigan Peak from Jones Pass

Jones Pass (Skoki)

  • 2210 m (7250ft)
  • Naming History
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51.5208N 116.0652W
Province: Alberta
Park: Banff
Year Named:
Named by: Jon Whyte
Named for: Jones, Ken (Ken Jones is a long time guide in the Canadian Rockies who is closely associated with the Skoki area.) (See biography)
Mountain (NW): Skoki Mountain
Mountain (SE): Fossil Mountain
Headwaters (NE): Oyster Creek
Headwaters (SW): Skoki Creek


The name commemorates Ken Jones's efforts over eight days in 1936 to locate, cut down and drag the giant tree that he found near Douglas Lake to become the ridge pole for Skoki Lodge. Earl Spencer, who was in charge of building the lodge, had instructed Ken to "find a log that was about sixty feet long with a nine inch top." Upon returning with the log and reaching what is now known as Jones Pass, he would have been only a few hundred metres from the lodge.

[See Ken Jones; Jones Peak]

[Additional Information: "Ken Jones, Mountain Man" by Lorne and Kim Tetarenko; Page 22,23]